Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little Inspiration Board

Hi friends, I just thought I'd share a little inspiration board I made tonight, w/ some girls I've been playing with too. The girls are ink drawings I colored in PS (what do you think of them?) I'm trying to find / use more color inspiration from objects / treasures in my day to day life instead of just working from my head (the little dreamboard in my head) which i so often do. Here goes: From the top (and the girls dress!) is a backing from an old miniature craft frame I found at the thrift store and had been holding on to for-ev-er just waiting to use it. I didn't realize until making it her dress - it feels like a Kimono. I love all things Japanese! Next is this darling and precious Little Golden Book w/ illustrations by Mary Blair and story by Ruth Krauss. I am so inspired by: "I Can FLY!" and think you would be too! I get SO inspired by discovering these sweet treasures at the thrift store. Not only the find, but coming home and reading and connecting w/ artists that came before. I am SO in LOVE with Mary Blair! (thank you google.) Last but not least the loveliest letterpress card I've ever seen from my sweet dear friend who means the world to me. My little P.O. Box (which happens to be decorated w/ butterflies!) sure loves when such things pass through!
I can't forget my Raja. Although he's really whiny, he still inspires me w/ his big blue eyes and sweet "owl face." He's forever napping. Speaking of s l e e p, I am divulging some of my trashy goods (from Taking Out the Trash below.) One of my big problems I'm working on is SLEEP! Balancing my sleep patterns is a big big thing for me. I don't have a healthy rhythm right now and I'm really really trying. I border insomnia, but not necessarily "productive" during the wee hours. Other times I get too much sleep. Sleep, I will tame you!

Sweet Dreams all you lovely dreamers,
Carissa Paige


  1. Beautiful inspiration board! Love all the colors. :) And your cat is adorable.

  2. Love your inspiration board,especially your girls. I like how you recycled something for her dress. Beautiful.

  3. i love it!! your doodly girls, the butterflies, the vintage "time to fly" - all of it!! :)

  4. Oh, I love your inspiration board! I saw one on yours and Aimee's site. I am going to make one too :)

  5. YOU
    & all you lay out
    for my eyes
    & very soul
    every single time.
    i just wish & hope & bless
    this very same rest
    & helps you to
    sweetly deeply slumber
    (& maybe even
    FLY in your dreamy dreams).
    that book
    IS golden ~
    you find
    the best finds!
    i remember so well
    GRIEF coming over me
    later in elementary school
    when i thought i'd
    OUTGROWN picture books
    & now it was only time
    for chapter books
    for the rest of
    MY chapter!
    hmmmm, i sense
    it's time
    to open to a
    NEW chapter...
    let the
    picture books
    wild rumpus
    those flutterflies
    took my breath away
    when i saw them
    you mean the
    to me2.

  6. it.s all so wonderfully inspiring dear.
    i have to say that i am off to google mary blair this instant.
    i am so happy to know that im not the only one to still fall for the golden books in all of the thrift stores.
    we are one and the same on that one sister.

  7. sleep is so important and i hate it when i can't get regular sleep. hope you get it worked out! :)

  8. i am so in love with mary blair too!! she is one of my fav illustrators ever! especially all the stuff she did for disney. in 2008, epcot's food and wine festivals decor was inspired by her pots, cups and illustrations of alice in wonderland.

    i love your work. your girls are amazing! keep it up.


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