Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Little Bloom : The Story of Iris

Hello friends! I just wanted to share w/ you a little story about how my latest painting bloomed. Her name (thanks to the help of Kolleen!) is "Iris" and it couldn't be more fitting (thank you!) She began as an ink drawing, wearing this dress, some chunky lace up boots, and a badge on her chest that read "Tuff." Her dress read: "There is no army in this world that could bring you down." At the time I had made the mistake of sharing some of my most precious goals and dreams w/ someone who is a bit of a Debbie Downer, who poo-poo'd my dreams. When I told Iris about my broken feelings, she immediately put on her heart necklace, laced up her boots, and went to battle (healing my heart and allowing me to understand.) She was sitting there raw + uncolored for a month, sort of waiting to reveal herself, or "bloom!"

Here she is fully b l o o m e d :

I just love how she came out!!!! A peaceful little Tuff Chick who isn't afraid of lack, or imperfection, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks! Go Iris go!

So that's the story of Iris. I feel like I have so much more to say, but hope you enjoyed :)

In other news, I also listed a 8 x 8 inch print of Koko, my super kitty studio mate. He is just too cute!

Also! This is pretty big news and I almost forgot to mention it! I'm doing a tiny art show in an alley in downtown DeLand on Friday from 6pm - 9pm outside of "The Nest!" There is some sort of event taking place before, then people will be funneling through. This will be the first time I'm showing my paintings to the public! I'm a little nervous! I'll post updates + pics via twitter or facebook :)

Stay tuff and keep blooming.
Iris + Carissa


  1. love it all! carissa, your style is so soft and authentic which gives it a strength of presence. keep speaking your story.

  2. Don't listen to Debbie Downer,and Iris proved that she was wrong. Iris is just beautiful! And the kitty is adorable,love his face. Good luck at your show,how exciting. Let us know.

  3. i ADORE IRIS!!!!!

    I love the story of how she emerged and where she came from....
    this tuff, imperfectionist, who cares about what others think type of chick!!! she is my type of girl!!!!

    she bloomed into something pretty damn amazing my friend!!!

    and WHOOOOT! WHOOOOT! to your tiny art show!!!!

    love it

    lovin you

  4. i adore iris,
    as i do you,
    (& kolleen for that matter)...
    & i send love
    to the one
    who poo poo-ed you,
    because i think
    she needs it..
    (i'm so sorry
    her own gunk
    hurt you for a time)..
    & i send you
    that YOU
    are wildly talented
    & bright-winged
    & you have
    for friday
    inside you
    & evidenced
    on canvas.
    breathe in your glory,
    sweetest heart.
    love you,...


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