Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bracing my main topsails aback

First - thank you guys SO so so much for all your kind encouraging words. You have no idea how much it lifts + warms my soul.

This is where I landed Saturday morning - The Night Swan, a Bed + Breakfast! I've embarked on the gigantic scary journey.

Here's the big news: One weekend a month for 9 months I'll be here in this historic house studying a fusion of Yoga (Hatha + Kundalini,) Ayurveda, and Numerology (among other things I'll share as time goes on!) with teachers/mentors I've known and adored for over 10 years. When the opportunity presented itself a few months ago, I immediately felt a big "YES! You have to do this, right now. . ." Which was followed by "NO! No. No. No. What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Before I could let the little "no" demons stake their claim I went w/ the first thought and signed on. It's truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

On Saturday with fear and shivers and shyness in all their glory - I drove my little car toward the coast, over the bridge and parked in the gravel lot across from The Night Swan. The B+B consists of 3 separate houses in total and is run by a husband + wife (they're so cute!) I wandered around for a while then found the french doors that held a room of 11 or so other people. . . . and my day began.

It was a great day. At the end, as the sun began to fade, I sat here dazing out at the intercoastal. I could hear church bells nearby ringing a tune I instantly recognized as -- "How Great Thou Art." My Grandfather always busted out in song, this was one of his favorites. I smiled to myself as tears filled my eyes. I felt my Grandfather there w/ me in spirit, watching, smiling w/ approval, and it all felt right - I know I've made the right decision, challenging as it may be.

Whew, so that's where I'm at. . . bracing my main topsails aback, riding the waves w/ the wind in my ears.

Thanks for listening, reading, writing, simply being.

Love + Light, Carissa

PS. I may set up a "page" within my blog to post more detailed logs of this journey, because I'm sure I could go on-and-on + I don't want to annoy you. I'll see how it unfolds.


  1. ~ the night swan ~
    oh friend, the feathers continue!
    & 9 months of amazing body & soul play & gestation... your creation continues to birth!
    YOU in full color...YES!!
    & i've got to share w/you...
    "how great thou art" was my dad's fav hymn
    & we sang it last yr in the mountains of montana at his funeral last yr.
    oh, sister, sister, sister!
    sounds like some holy wind in your ears.
    huge love to you on your ride.
    can you feel the big hug?

  2. So excited for you. I can't wait to hear all about your adventure....yes, yes, yes, share it here on this blog. I want to know all about it! Your are such a shining star in my life!

  3. carissa dear...
    how WONDERFUL!
    i am fairly undeveloped in yoga....but loooove it non the less.
    i wish you lived near by to share all the yoga yumminess + the other lovelies that you will be learning...with me.
    i am so happy for you and pleased as punch that you took the jump before those oh so naughty gremlins could sneak in. i did that over a year ago when i signed up for an art retreat with kelly rae roberts and andrea scher (mondo beyondo) i just signed right up and then freaked out later when i actually got IN!
    it was one of the best things i ever did for myself.
    keep soaring little bird.

  4. Oh my goodness, I've been away from your blog too long!
    How amazing, this journey you are on....I think of you all the time, Dear One...all the time. I wear your necklace lots too.
    You keep on sailing girl.
    I can hardly wait to see the finished painting you are working on. You are one talented painter and I KNOW you are in for amazing things. I can see it in your work.
    Keep going Carissa Paige. Keep going.


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