Friday, July 30, 2010

I just need

About 2 or 3 months ago I signed on for a life altering venture. An experience that will widen my spirit + fill me with even more curiosity than I have now. It's a huge + frightening commitment. There's no turning back. I've swallowed it. And it all kicks in tomorrow.

I'm not jumping out of a plane or anything, but it sort of feels like it. I seriously have butterflies in my stomach right now as I type. I'm shivering. I just wanted to share with you that there's something huge + scary happening in my life, and I'll tell you all about it after tomorrow.

As of tonight I have my little computer station set up again w/ a new monitor (this one has a green twinge, lol!) that I'm getting used to. I fired up my scanner + tablet + computer + made this little diddy above.

Love + Glorious Light


  1. dearest carissa
    i am holding your hand as you jump
    i am sure that you will not need to hold tight.
    you shine my friend.
    so spread your beautiful wings and FLY tomorrow on this new adventure.
    i am sure i am NOT the only one who is holding their breath to hear
    huge love to brave you.

  2. thank you SO much dear chrissy, just knowing your hand is there brings such comfort. love to you my sweet friend! <3

  3. carissa! i CAN NOT WAIT to hear ALL about this leap! remember the dragon will be there for you to land on & SOAR! can you just HEAR the sound that creature makes when you ride?! powerful beyond measure!
    your feather & words took my breath away.
    & i love your new header/the soft brush of color on her cheek/the lines in the ball of her hair/her everything.
    & i've shivered a handful of times in my life when i've birthed something BIG. i'll love to share this w/you someday. so i fully relate & now know that something GREAT is coming through you.
    beside you in big sky & heart w/love always. xox

  4. oh, the suspense!!! i love how you can write out your thoughts - journal it away as well - lovely work :) looking forward to hearing the big news!

  5. so curious Carissa!! And i love that you went with your real name -- it's a beautiful name and it's YOU!! (remember our discussion in gut art some time ago about names?) I'll check back to see what's going on!!

  6. cannot wait to hear about your new adventure! I feel such excited butterflies in my belly just thinking about it! you are such a precious light in my life and I am so grateful for you.

  7. carissa! you are beautiful and strong. whatever dream you reach for will bring a glorious adventure. cant wait to hear more! love the words and feather piece. it gave me a smile.

  8. Looking forward to the big news! Love the feather artwork~


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