Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thrift gods how I love thee

Hello friends, happy middle of the week! I went to the thrift store today and immediately spotted this adorable wicker vanity!!! It's 20% all purchases on Wednesday's so I got this darling for only $8! All proceeds from this thrift store go toward Hospice, it's great to know my money is going toward a good cause. I immediately came home and set her up in my entryway which is my sewing area too.

I still have to hang that mirror + do some straightening but there it is. I'm pretty darn happy with it! I took the plunge recently + signed up for this Art + Craft show called "Atomic Holiday Bazaar" in December! More details on that later, but i want to use this vanity in my display!

In other cute news
Yesterday while i was stuck in my cubicle at work I made these magnets! They were originally intended to be pendants, but i quickly realized they weren't working that well because they kept flipping around backwards on the necklaces. Call me anal, but I just couldn't have that! So now they're pretty lil' magnets that I'm testing out now to see how well I like them, and then if they work they'll go into my shop!

My wings are flapping!
Hopefully everything will all come together soon and my shop will be filled with my creations. I have more printing research to do (I hope to have my very own printer in the next 6 months!) + more experimenting + who knows what else!

I love you THIS MUCH! New girl is getting colored tonight!

Carissa Paige


  1. yahoooooo for your sweet thrift store find and how awesome that the proceeds go to hospice!!!

    it looks very cute with your sewing machine nestled on top!

    i am excited to hear more about "Atomic Holiday Bazaar" awesome to see you flying like this!!!

    i love it!


  2. love the soft swoops
    of that vanity
    & the pink thread
    set on top
    & will look forward
    to hearing of
    your art & craft show details
    & love your magnets
    & i love you this much
    dearest sketch
    & can't wait
    to see your new girl
    & most of all
    love your flapping wings!
    whooooosh, whooooosh,
    i can feel their powerful winds
    & gentle strength!

  3. Great find! Love that wicker piece. And I love your new girl,can't wait to see her finished.

  4. What a great find...a wicker vanity. I'm always on the lookout for great finds myself and that one is awesome.

    Good luck on the art and crafts show, looking forward to hearing more about it.

  5. wow! What a great thrift store find! and I'm loving those magnets. how perfect and sweet!

    best wishes to you!

  6. carissa dear...
    thank you for all the kind, sweet comments you always make on my lil ol blog. you LIGHT me up sister.
    love the new sewing table...i love a great find.
    also i am so proud of you for signing up for an art show, fair, know what i mean. WHOOO HOOOOO for carissa paige!
    i also have to say that the red hair ROCKS darling.
    i LOVE red hair...and you wear it well.
    huge hugs and love to you!

  7. Dear carisa, i love visiting thrift shops and that is such a gorgeous loot!! I love it lots and white is one of my favorite color. :) YOur creations and your space here are very inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  8. this is my first visit to your cute blog-

    love the little wicker table you got and it looks very sweet in your room already! :)

  9. So glad I found your blog through Flying Lessons Group. Love your work and the way you share your thoughts. I love wicker furniture. That piece you fond is gorgeous!

    Keep "Enjoying the Ride"

  10. Thank you so much everyone! I'm so happy to be meeting so many new friends and for all of the kindness. I love your comments!

    Always with Love,


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