Friday, June 11, 2010

Tea Time

I had to share this pic with you of my old friend Sweet William, my first Teddy Bear + a REALLY GOOD listener. He was tired of sitting in the closet so now he lives on my bed again. Did you ever dress up your bears? When I was a kid I always dressed this guy up w/ fancy bows. He's been the best bear ever + he came from a grocery store (Publix) ages ago!

I'm really enjoying Kelly Rae's course (see button to the right.) I just love her so much. I've already met quite a few awesome new friends. Hello new friends! I'm catching up on everything tonight while I have the house to myself. Hope everyone's week wrapped up nicely. Speaking of wrapping, do you dig the new tape I used on the pictures? I learned about it from Flight Lessons. It's free, you can get it here: pugly pixels tape strips.

Talk to you again soon!


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