Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Girl + What's on my Mind

Hello friends, hope your week is off to a good start. I was elated today because I made this sweet girl before work + couldn't wait to get home to finish her. I took one of my ink drawings, scanned her in + colored her in photoshop. I'm still learning how to paint well in photoshop, but what I love most is the access to nearly an unlimited supply of paint + colors! I also love that I can mix my handmade creations with my digital tools. I took a photo of slip that I tie dyed + used that to collage her a dress!!! I'm smitten :D

Whats been on my mind lately: I used to be so scared to share my drawings with people. I didn't have the kind of support system I do now + I greatly realize the importance it is for us to have cheerleaders. I'm still a tad bit shy at times, but I'm pretty wide open about my drawing now. I even draw in public! I was far too afraid to do such a thing a year or two ago. I always try to encourage anyone I meet to do the things they think are impossible, the things I hear them "wishing" they could do if they only knew how. I hear a lot of people saying "Oh man, I really wish i could draw..." and I say "Why can't you?" They almost always say, "I'm not good. I can't draw." And then I say something to the effect of, "Who cares, do it anyway! We all start somewhere." Next thing you know I see them drawing away + that fills my heart with so much joy.

I'm off to catch up on Flight Lessons to see what I've missed today.

Sending SO much LOVE + JOY to all my dear + creative friends!



  1. Glad you are sharing now, so inspiring! Your lady is very cool and the mix of materials digitally is fantastic. I like the idea of coloring in photoshop, but never really tried myself...you are definitely pushing me towards trying :) Thanks!

  2. Carissa, your drawings are sooo lovely! And your new one so beautiful especially with the tie dyed dress! I would really love to see more of your work!!!



  3. i love her so much!
    those sweet lines around her shoulders/collar...
    that gorgeous dress, her dear expression,
    & that HAIR! pleeeeease, can i be her friend?
    can i braid her hair?
    i ADORE you, dear carissa. xoxox

  4. I love her,and I loved how you used your dress.Thats so neat. I have a fear of drawing in front of people too,I don't know why and its still hard for me to show people my work. I guess I'm afraid they won't like it. Its good that you're getting over that fear!

  5. Lovely drawings/paintings. I decided a few years ago to try and teach myself to draw. I am slowly getting there - but still won't draw in public. I too am taking Kelly Rae's flying lessons, so will try my best to get over these fears. Continue to create - your work is lovely... I will be back.

  6. I love that you're making art BEFORE WORK! What discipline!

  7. i love her!!!
    she has such a look of contentment on her beautiful face. and what a clever idea to take a photo of that great dress and put it on her!!! LOVE THAT!!!

    i can see you encouraging others and being the most fabulous cheerleader!!!!

    so happy our paths crossed!!!

    big hugs sweets

  8. Hi Carissa,
    I found your blog through the flying lessons facebook group. Love your art!!

  9. I am LOVING that purple dress! So happy you are sharing your art!

    See you in Flying Lessons!
    xo, juliette


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