Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am enough

I am enough.
In all my unkept house glory, my piles, my bits, my scatters, my weeds, my crooked car, my tree that needs trimming, my hair that needs grooming, my mail that needs checking, my library fines, my lack of organization. . . I could go on, but with all of this I AM ENOUGH? Yes, yes I am. And so are you, wherever you are. Lets wiggle our little toes and dance with our enoughness. Tiny little ripples make great big waves.

Piece by piece I come together.
That little section of my studio I decided to clean is feeling so good. I moved my laptop + scanner + digital tablet there so I'm no longer trying to squeeze it in other places around the house. It works so well that I'm wondering why the heck it took me so long to come to that conclusion.

Wild child.
I dyed my hair red! Just needed a temporary change. I set up a Facebook Page too! I'll post a link in my sidebar for those who'd like to friend me (I'd love that!) And last but not least it's my boyfriend's birthday this weekend + we both got the Droid Incredible! They were buy one get one free, I couldn't feel luckier.For a good year now I've longed for the ability to "stay connected" and share beautiful moments while I'm "on the go!" The features this phone has really is, well... Incredible! That's us on the road this weekend w/ my wild hair + all.

Sending love to all the creative travelers, wherever you may be on your journey.

Carissa Paige


  1. Ooo, red hair! Sometimes we all need that change to shake things up and it really does help to say I am enough... we are all enough and worthy! :)

  2. carissa, oh my goodness, parallel sister,
    i color my hair red tooooo (& just got it
    refreshed/recolored yesterday!)...doesn't
    it feel so good?!!!!!!! & also yesterday i
    just refreshed a part of a room too (to build
    my card business & it needs space!! i picked up,
    with much help...so heavy!...a black simple
    shelf from ikea) & it looks like such a peaceful corner!...i'll share w/you soon! & yes, i love that enough affirmation...it is alive & true to be sure. big big love from my enoughness to yours. xoxox

  3. LOVE the red hair!!!!!!

    and my dear....



  4. Your red hair is so great and I love what you said: Yes, I am enough no matter how unperfect I am :-)



  5. New reader and follower...your blog is adorable...and yes, you are enough, we all are.


  6. hello friend. loving your clean workspace. lots of good light. I love those words "i am enough" good to remember that from time to time. now, im off to find your facebook page. :)


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