Thursday, April 8, 2010

Take Pause

twinkle twinkle little star.
how i wonder what you are.

it seems wednesdays are good days to take pause and reflect on the things swirling in my head and post reflections here in hopes that you too can relate or be inspired in some way. maybe not in this very moment, maybe in different moment when it's what you needed to hear. have you ever picked up a book and flipped to a random page and - wham - just what you needed to hear? it's a beautiful thing. okay, case in point, this is insane! my partner just came bursting out of the "study" with the most excited look on his face. he just started writing and the first two words that came to his mind were "scintillating showers." it wasn't just the words that excited him, but the fact he decided to randomly pick a book from our shelf and flip to a random page that read "scintillating showers." i mean, what are the odds! especially with such a (rare?) word. and the combination of these two words! and he opened a random book as i'm talking to you about opening random books! double wham!

what does scintillate even mean? i had to look it up, here's the definition:

–verb (used without object) emit sparks. sparkle; flash: a mind that scintillates with brilliance. twinkle, as the stars.

so my pause post this week started out small, but ended up being bigger than i realized. it scintillated! it brings me to think about how answers and inspiration are always there just waiting to emit sparks. all you have to do is approach the question or idea and look, listen, or feel! or stop drop and roll, just to get the energy flowing.

i hope you are letting your sparks fly, twinkle and shine! be scintillating! oh and maybe try opening a random book and see what happens!

with love,


  1. Serendipity...a wonderful thing...oo, I just learned a new vocab word from you today...thank you for sharing because it's cool to learn something new every day :)

  2. isn't it? we both learned a new word! and a pretty cool word at that :)
    thanks for coming by =o.o=

  3. Love that word,I never heard of it so its new for me too.Now I just have to prononcing it.

  4. i am so happy to find you & will follow!
    i am in LOVE with your banner & adore your journal pages & women you create & your sparkly words. happy dances for your heart. xox


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