Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello blog-friends, there's so much on my mind, so much in my heart that's ready to e x p l o d e. In short, I feel like the last 10 years of my life were spent in j a i l and I've just been released. An old stale darkness is shifting to a light so bright. There's so many t h i n g s  I've been digging through with a lighted shovel and so much to sort through that I'd like to share in time.

My little balanced feet are joyfully jumping once again onto the tightrope. I'm ready - fully suited with sparkly sequins, a tutu, and the cutest little umbrella that-you-ever-did-see.

I'm ready to do this dance, balance this life and l i v e. 

I'm ready to be an a c t i v e participant in my d r e a m, fully engaged in realizing my purpose and living my truth.

I am
s l e e p i n g 
w a k i n g  to yoga
r e s t i n g more frequently
f e e l i n g more like me than ever
p r a c t i c i n g a deep love for myself

Today I drew for the first time in a week or two and d a m n it felt g o o d!
Tonight I bought a fresh sketch book.
Tomorrow I take as it comes.

Sending love all the creative travelers, 



  1. carissa, i am deeply moved by your post. i can feel how real, deep, & powerful your experience is. i love the pyramid shape of your healing practice (sleeping, waking, resting,...). clearly the architecture you are now abiding in is a completely altered shape than jail. & isn't it awesome how creating something seems to come out of this place & feels so good?!
    i adore your lighted shovel. love, love, love it. huge love to your life, to you lit, to you FREE. xoxox

  2. Hi Carissa,I'm glad you're feeling better and more like yourself. I'm also glad that you are drawing again.Keep it up,whatever you are doing.

  3. what a beautiful, authentic post!

    i found you through my dear friend Chrissy's blog and loved what you wrote to her.....she is a huge light!!!

    i love your energy and your spirit!!!
    you go girl!!!!!!!

    happy friday to you....i am now a happy follower!!

  4. rachel, thank you! you're so right in everything you said. i thoroughly appreciate your input. my little lighted shovel hates when i misplace it! organization should also part of that pyramid. i'm getting there ;) the pyramid thing just happened when i centered the text! how cool is that? a sign from the universe that i'm on the right path? i'd say!

    hey sweet buffy, thank you :)

    colorful heart kolleen, thank you!

  5. so fabulous! have your read julia cameron's the artist's way. i went through it last summer and was so taken by all of the fun things the book "makes" you do for yourself. i bought play-do and glow-in-the-dark stars for my ceiling.

    so fun that pyramid happened when you centered it...amazing and perfect!

    best wishes!

  6. dear carissa paige....
    this post built up inside of me as i read it and i wanted to be standing on my desk and shouting...hip hip hooray for carissa! by the end.
    i LOVE that you can write and express and share your feelings that way.
    good work girlfriend!
    thank you for all the wonderfully kind comments you leave.
    they go right to my heart.
    i only WiSH i could come to yoga with you and sing the little "peace" song that you shared with me. i might have to come up with my own little "peace piece" and sing it to myself until we meet at yoga class.
    you are a dear
    shine and paint and write and stretch and love yourself.
    huge hugs.

  7. It's encouraging to hear of your breaking free...we put ourselves in a prison of our own making...I know...been there, done that! Love your art...I found it over at little glimpes. I took the the first gut art class.


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