Friday, March 19, 2010

Ode to Spring

I am so thankful for the spring sunshine. I can't tell you how much I missed it. A huge part of me is lost when the sun starts fading before 6 pm. Some people say our seasons here in Florida aren't that noticeable, but I can tell a difference, especially in the way I feel. The air is light, crisp, and fresh. So is the sun. Beach days are greatly missed. What am I waiting for? I'm way past due!

Spring has sprung and I'm happy to present my latest batch of handiwork - Lovely Art Pendants. Prints are mounted to wood, stained with inks, sanded, and put together using various bits and pieces of found necklaces with delicious shabby charm. I had so much fun making them. However, I think I have the jewelry itch out of my system for now ;P

These two are my favorites:
You can find the whole batch --> in my etsy shop.

Okay, so our never ending kitchen rehab. I finally picked the color and painted the walls of our kitchen - it was previously a teal blue and is now a nice light skyish blue color. The corner desk was found on the side of the road and painted gray to match the soon to be gray counter tops. More work will be done this weekend.

Cheers to longer days!

Big Love,



  1. These are just adorable,and I love the matching boxes! Thats a great idea!Also like how you used vintage jewelry with them.Hope you sell lots!

  2. Oh I like them too. Great idea to do the matching boxes!!!!


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