Monday, March 15, 2010

New Experiments. An Update.

I don't know how it happened! I was walking through the craft store one minute, the next I was at home cooking up pendants with my girls on them. All weekend long I've been playing with these and working out the kinks. They're so much fun to make and look really cool in person.

Next up is stamps (!!!) I thought I might burst when I pulled my first stamp up with my own design on the paper. I can barely contain the overflow pouring out of me. This week I've been playing with some really easy-to-make stamps. They're made by burning your image into craft foam and then stamping your design. It's so affordable and simple to make using a wood-burner tool. I don't know who originated the idea but I heard about it through Milliande's printing forums. I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly, but I'm having fun :P

Here's a shot of my latest one.

Last but not least, a round of test prints that now have homes on my wall:

Darling, I'm having an affair 5 x 7

Ghost Traveler 5 x 7

Darling I'm having an affair is almost ready I think. I did her test at the office store, the real test will be finished when she comes home from the print lab. I can't wait to see!


  1. Carissa, I love the framed prints. I would like to do this but have no idea how, and I also love the stamping idea. When you say craft foam--do you mean the sheets of foam or foam board? You can email me:
    Thanks so much for this info!!

  2. Carissa your art looks beautiful in the frames! Where do you get your prints made? And I love how they look in the pendents too. That stamping looks fun.

  3. darling carissa...
    your art pendents are BEAUTIFUL.
    are they in your etsy shop yet?
    get them there.
    i just bought a stamp carving set but haven.t had the time to play inspired me though.
    you are such a doll.
    keep soaring.
    loves to you.

  4. Carissa, I received a lovely package in the mail today. It was loaded with goodies. I love the prints, they are so vivid and beautiful, can't wait to frame them. And thank you for all the treats, including a lovely pendent and extra print. I loved all the butterflies that fell out as I opened the package. What a nice touch.


  5. Buffy, thanks! i get them from -- i can't recommend them enough! i love them.

    Sweet Chrissy, they're on the way this week! you're enthusiasm motivates me greatly :) I'm working on a big batch tomorrow, I can't wait! Thank YOU for the inspiration :)

    Mary, I'm so-so happy! (((Hugs to you)))


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