Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Used My Easel for the First Time

work in progress

Hello! I'm happy to share with you my first experience using the easel I found at the Flea Market. There are many emotions floating around with me lately. It was good to let loose and paint.

I've been struggling with managing my time and balancing my heart and mind. I have this feeling that I'm constantly running out of time. Trying to find balance is the most challenging. Right now I'm working and trying to finish a degree in graphic design. Its not a bad job, I can work on little projects while I'm there as long as I keep it low-key, but I prefer to create when I'm home.

I spend a lot of time alone lately. Don't get me wrong, I like company, but in the past year I've taken a step back (or a step forward) to examine my life. I read many great books, mostly written by other female creatives, and did lots of documentation and soul searching. "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron was recommended by a dear friend. I did the entire 13 weeks, answered all the questions, and WOW. My entire life has changed. I'm going to actually purchase the book this year and refer to it often. It may not work for everyone, but it caused me to write daily again (Morning Pages) and answer some tough questions about myself / my past / etc.

Here are some goals I'd like to accomplish by years end: (edit - 1/14/10. i think i have to start setting a smaller list of goals, practicing "micro-movements like sark recommends. my mind gets so far ahead of myself sometimes and then i feel guilty for not getting more done. I finished half of this list.)
  1. Food allergy blood testing - i've had migraines my entire life. time to solve the problem!
  2. List originals on Etsy - i must let go, so new art can be born!
  3. Make prints of my artwork.
  4. Order some really good paint.
  5. Take myself on a date.
  6. Make little paintings for gifts.
  7. Go get loose leaf tea and crystallized ginger treats.
  8. Continue working on our kitchen project.
  9. Go to dinner with friends / my man.
  10. Remember to P L A Y.
Its funny how quickly I forget to do the things that nurture and fulfill me. Little things like venturing out just to take pictures, recording my thoughts as I drive, swinging on swings, taking videos, documenting life. Getting out and stretching my wings.

I wish for you to always remember what nurtures and fulfills you.


  1. Hi Carissa--great goals. I might have to consider looking into buying that book. I've heard another artist talk about it on another blog. I love all kinds of art related books-either informative or instructional--it's actually an obsession :) I love your new artpiece. I'm considering taking the Suzi Blu goddess and poet class in Jan. Have you taken her class? Your paintings remind me of her style. I really love her faces!

  2. Altho I'm not a Julia Cameron fan as so many folks are, I understand how it almost forces you to take time out to think about your life and goals. I do spend a lot of time alone; it's critical for re-charging (for me), so don't feel odd about it:-)

  3. I love your painting,the background is so dreamy.

  4. Diane, i really enjoyed The Artists Way. A friend of mine has a different book called "Living Artfully." I just started reading it and i like her warm style of writing. Heres a link to the authors website:

    Yes I sure did take The Goddess & Poet workshop! It was the first art workshop i've ever taken, what fun! I wanted to do an Art Retreat this year but opted for Suzi's class which was a great experience.

    Nina, I appreciate your input. I don't feel so alone being alone ;)

    Buffy, thank you dearly <3


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