Friday, December 11, 2009

Hostess Delight

Each year many charming little historic towns do home tours. This year i had the awesome opportunity to be a host in the library of one of the houses. My dear friend's mother-in-law owns this beautiful 3 story home built in the late 1800's. All the stories within its wall are quite evident when you step inside. Its warm, inviting, and full of so much l o v e. The original owner (circa 1894) was a lover of books and is solely responsible for starting the first library in this town. These historic homes are chock-full of history. Here are just a few of the many-many pictures I took there (these are all from the attic which was my favorite spot.)

Me, the girl who dreams of living in an old Victorian Home.



  1. Carissa, you and me both--I feel like I lived in that era. I love these old houses and all the contents inside!

  2. I love all these pictures. I want to go in the attic and look for treasures and just sip coffee in the parlor. Sounds like you had fun.


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