Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dreams & Easels.

A new painting from a self-portrait taken in 2008

We just got back from a 4 day much needed get-a-way. I can't even remember the last time we had an actual getaway, just the two of us. We stayed in Clearwater (FL) at his Mom's lake house while she was out of town for the holiday. It was such a nice, relaxing time. We celebrated Thanksgiving in our own way. I also took time to meditate on what I want to do with myself, my life, everything. Although I didn't spend as much time as I like "figuring these things out," I feel like I found some necessary signs to guide me.

First let me share with you a little dream I had a few months ago: I dreampt I found a really old and well-used tabletop easel at the thrift store. I had been thinking about getting a "proper easel," something other than my lap/the stool i often use for propping up paintings. I hadn't yet decided if I would keep on keepin' on with my current method (because i don't see anything wrong with it,) or spring for an easel. Afer many months and no thrift easel, I decided my method worked just fine and I didn't really
need an easel.

This past Saturday we visited ye' old Wagon Wheel Flea Market. I zig-zagged along the maze of vendors following my whims to the very back of 50+ rows. I passed up a really cool $10 chair, and many-many row of odds and ends that were dying to be picked through. It was as if I was being pulled by magnetic force to through this maze. Then, I saw it! Caught by suprise, sitting there on the table was the old easel (from my dreams!) It's price tag blowing backwards in the wind. It read: $7.00 - Firm!!! I gladly paid my $7 and refraimed from screaming/crying or both. I couldn't stop shaking my boyfriends arm and shouting to him through the croud "i can't believe I found an easel. i can't believe i found an easel." On the way out we visited another vendor - his name was Karl with a "K," from Germany. He had many great treasures. I bought a teapot and a handful of old wooden type blocks, though I wanted to buy much more.

Afterward I felt this
must be a sign = Follow that magnet, let it guide you, chase your dreams with abandon. (the type blocks ask and tell) "Must I spell it out for you?!" Follow your magnet. Make ART. Make Words.

This is the second post and longest so far! I hope I have not filled your heads with too much! I am filled with excitement and fear and love and so many possibilities - and I mustn't forget


  1. Hi Carissa!! I'm so glad you posted--great post. And I'm envious--I would have loved to have gone to that flea market with you : )

  2. Love the story behind the easel,and love the self portrait too.


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