Thursday, April 20, 2017

Announcing Our Summer Retreat::: Sign UP here

Dear Creative Souls,

Today feels pretty unreal! I am beyond thrilled to announce -- my incredible partner <-- DJ and I are stepping into the realm of co-leading our first daylong retreat together.  Those who know us, especially together, have been seeing this coming for miles. Big visions take time unfold, and often involve some form of Soul work along the way.  From "walking on fire" together with Tony Robbins when we were 18 (circa 1999), to many other streams of work, to now. This daylong retreat is our way of wading in to this new season, in a way that makes sense and feels cohesive for us both ---  my unique service meeting his unique service -- and voila. Without further ado, here are all the details. . .

An Intuitive Voyage in 
:::Soul, Heart, Paint:::

Join us in this brave and spirited adventure where intuition, wild-expression, and sacred-heart-beat all swirl together. This daylong retreat is designed to help you tune-in and listen to your Inner Maven on canvas, to clear space within your body, and claim your creative power. 

Saturday, August 12 
10:30 am - 5:00 pm

A Beautiful Sanctuary
in Orlando, FL

Our day will include: 

— Brief heart opening Kundalini yoga set + inspirational bump-charge with DJ 
— Painting with Carissa 
— Wholesome Vegetarian lunch catered by Casa De Whimsy
— More Painting
— Free open times for optional 10 min Waking_Bliss Soul Session with DJ
— Closing circle ceremony around the fire
— Lots of Love from Kindreds 
— Optional meet up afterwards for dinner at Dandelion Communitea Cafe  

We provide a whimsical, safe, grounded atmosphere for you to explore and create anew. All you have to do is show up ready to be brave and wild, with a deep trust in your unfolding on canvas (and off!)

The Beautiful Location:
Located in the heart of Orlando, Florida is a beautiful gem of a Spiritual Sanctuary / Community Center (loving called 729) across from Spiral Circle. The space is incredible. The energy is palpable. The owner who has orchestrated this glorious space over the years (and her sweet pup shown below) is purely delightful. 

(These pictures really do no justice, lol)

Get a feel --- see the original promo video for the first Messy Mavens (e-course)... or peek at reviews

A r e Y o u R e a d y ? 
W e A r e !


::: So excited and ready :::
 :::: $149 ::::

Note:: you do not need a paypal account -- there is an option to pay with any major credit / debit card when you click the button above :)


FAQs as of now --
+ Do I need a lot of painting experience?
-- No, dearie... All levels are welcome!
+ Will you be offering a longer retreat in the future?
-- Yes. We wanted to wade in this way for a number of reasons.
+ Will you accommodate for food allergies?
-- Yes'm! This will be in our questionnaire.

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  1. Hope it doesn't fill up before payday! I really want to do this and it has been way too long since I have seen you dear Carissa <3


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