Friday, November 8, 2013

Process & Transformation: Pink Coyote / Following the Strands

Dear Creative Souls:  Welcome to this new series where I share peeks of the process and transformation that occurs on my canvas which almost always mirrors transformation that has occurred in my life & soul. I hope this inspires your creative journey. 


After the first girl appeared, I immediately began to see this Pink Coyote figure upside down. So I covered the first girl and flipped things around. . . following the strands. . . . another two girls appeared.
The girl on the left has decided to go inward. . . . with her eyes closed. . . she is being led on a journey by the coyote and her otherworldly helper. 
The girl on the left came and went very quickly. She spoke her peace. . .  
HERE is where everything changed for me entirely. . . as I began to completely cover up all I had hashed out. . . a poem came spilling out all in one stream (unedited). . . . Here it is:

And through
the woods 
there is a softness 
to be found 
in the darkness 
a wisp 
of this
or that 
to grab hold of 

from dark to light
Never Alone

where to step next &
how much to let go of
where we come from

constructing a new life 
I let go of a lot 
all of it
why not

where will I go
where will it take me

Seven times or more
all of it
I said goodbye 
with my brush 
to everything

Ah! And then. . . . the floods came. The dark and stormy came. . . The onlooker up top appeared to "blow winds + change time". . . . his only duty. . . he did it well. Thank you. 

The very next morning I began to shift with where this was really going. Here we are at the other side. . . Out alive. . . The wisdom and folly of this glorious Pink Coyote remained by my side as I worked on this piece on & off for 4-6 months. It corresponds to another leg of my journey I wrote about last year right here, where I first encountered a coyote in the flesh. . . The story I shared and the aspect of the ROAD is something I am still writing about and exploring in my life to this day. 

I have a feeling Coyote Magic has always been here for me, loyal, playful, mischievous... through thick and thin. As for what she's up to in my life right now, I am listening, loyally. I am honoring my Self, my weird and wonderful ways more-so than I ever have. No matter how many people appear to throw hurdles or stones or spooks. . . I am HERE. . . trotting along the mysterious and powerful edge of that glorious forrest. READY TO GO IN. Always. I dare. Nothing is going to stop me from pushing forward with all my limbs. No one is going to throw their shadows on my walls. Anymore. Ever. Boundaries are thick. Instincts are on. Walls and guards and swords of light. I am covered. All angles. I'm in. 

YES. This is where the truth lives. The fire. The process. The transformation.  

Pink Coyote. . . I thank you . . . with all I have.

In other BRAVENESS + HONESTY i have added and updated my STORY at my ABOUT ME section: +ALL RIGHT HERE +

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Blogging my truth along the way has been entirely vulnerable and frightening at times. . . but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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  1. Wow Carissa, I so love this and especially the truth and story of it's evolution and all the places it took you. You are truly gifted in so many ways and I honor the gift of your courage to share what is real and true, yes courage and bravery hold hands in a special way. I've been watching your vids on 21secrets so as to not forget your wisdom and insights

  2. love the poem, carissa. beautiful, letting go, the journey + process, so big and luminous.

  3. Carissa.. this really got me. I'm a very new artist though a seasoned doodler and dreamer. I have deep experiences that make their way into form through various creative urges. I too describe what comes as 'appearances' made by parts of me that seem to come forward with something in need of expression. I really get that. I'm so happy to have found this. Thank you... I'm going to follow you to stay posted on your beautiful work :) Amanda xx


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