Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And the winner is....

First: Thank you dearly to all who played along & contributed such heartfelt answers. I deeply enjoyed reading each & every one. And as promised: I will do a little releasing ceremony infused with forward momentum for those who answered question 7: "What holds you back (?)" Thank you all for sharing your selves & stories... 

And.... Drum roll....
The magic hat has chosen -->
Brandi Marie Little...and...Ellie !! 

Congrats to you both! I just need your email the comments or email me: carissapaigeART(at)gmail(dot)com 

(((Big huge love)))


  1. *doing a happy dance* (kinda like Snoopy!)

    I'm so excited. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I emailed you :)

  2. Hi, Carissa! Love your generosity! Congratulations Brandi and Ellie! ♥


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