Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hello friends, 

The word of the week for me is definitely Wild Surrender. . . I'm far better off when I just surrender and dance naked with this Wild-Fire inside me. I have a whole lot to say on the subject of showing up as you are, holding nothing back, and releasing bigness --- especially while in the midst of naysayers. 

I had a recent conversation w/ someone who quite literally told me these three things: 
Be Small. Cover Up. Hold Back. 

Wow. . . But! Here comes Robert Downey Jr floating in my head,"Nod, smile, and do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway." 

I have reached zero tolerance for certain things, and naysayers are one. This comes 5 years after letting loose from a toxic person or 2 and being blessed by the experience to fully know the difference between true support and ill intent.  I packed up all these bags a long time ago and now --- with every cell in my body I can say how vital releasing is. Especially anyone or anything that isn't igniting your Wild-Fire. 

Be Big. Be NAKED. Hold Nothing Back. 

 In greatness, in light, in love. She emerged. Holding nothing back.

Last but not least --- tomorrow is the LAST DAY for the super duper Christmas in July sale on 21 Secrets! There's still plenty of time to devour all the content... Here are 2 recent pieces by Paige McLean Joyce from my Following the Wild Winds class:

Click any of the links, give yourself a gift (and support me in the process) :)

One last update: I have been offering up special things via Instagram lately, like the talisman necklaces & painted top above and they sold out quickly (!) I will make more when the Wild-Fire strikes ;) Some new things have been added to my etsy shop too:

All my heart,

Ps. WILD SURRENDER stamps are by my Dear Pal: Mindy Lacefield. You can grab yourself some Wild Surrender right here!!! 

Pps. I can't figure out how to add a link to my instagram in this blog post, but I put a widget on my sidebar if you'd like to find me there :)


  1. the robert downey jr. quote...loooooooove it!!!
    f# yeah! :)

    love ewe in everything! xoxooo!!!

    1. Love ewe! + A little nod to our #f-yeah rocks ;)

  2. This post is FULL of greatness!!! Love your photography perspective!!!! Also, I am delighted to be included on your page and want to let the world know that 21 Secrets has been a wonderful learning experience for anyone who loves art and needs to learn to make a bit for yourself!! Carissa's Wild Winds is a caring lesson bringing you back in touch with the child inside!! Delightful!! AND SUCH A BARGAIN!!!

  3. New to commenting here :) I came across your blog through facebook actually and I find your art work so beautiful and inspiring. I love this post especially the tye dyed dress, so cute.

  4. I love this blog post, Carissa! I also let go of naysayers, judges, and all-around negative nancies, and how much better a person I am for it! Thanks for always being your colorful, vibrant self, and for the RDJ quote- that one slays me! Xoxo

    1. Thank you, sister... Big yes to letting go & being true!! <3 <3 <3


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