Monday, January 14, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

Good-day creative mates, I've been plotting out some fun new ways to reengage with blogging, stay inspired and share my creative magic without getting overwhelmed. Aside from putting 97% of my creative energy toward my first eee-course, Legend of You (I may be taking a while to piece it together but the wait will be worth it. I have never been more proud of anything in my life. I imagine it's what mothers must feel when their first child is born. That's the kind of energy I feel. Also that all my other "birthing" won't take as long after this...)

I'm cooking up some other fun projects, goals, and challenges to explore + blog about this year.  Here are some ideas I'm churning around:

  1. Creative In-spur-ation: inner and outer things to spur the creative journey.
  2. Silly Sunday: something silly for the sake of pure silliness. Say that 10 times fast. This week I played dress-up (see last photo).  
  3. Week-In-Pictures: A visual wrap up & some words on my journey each week. Trying to come up with a better name for this, but for now. . . 
  4. 365 NightlyWanderings: 4 or 5 years ago I started to draw every night in bed. I wanted to improve my drawing skills, end my days creatively, and take advantage of that sleepy head-space to hopefully follow and collect strands of subconscious wisdom. I have rekindled this love affair and I'm taking it to bed with me every night via my iPad. A bit erotic? (^.^) More on this soon!
  5. Healing for ACOA's: It's no secret anymore -- I've only shared little glimpses of my journey to wholeness after being raised by an alcoholic, but I'm ready to step out of the closet with the fact I am an "adult child of an alcoholic" and I have wandered down many windy roads to get here and I am ready to help others (ACOA's and beyond) overcome and become whole again. Yes. The aftermath IS beautiful... 


S P A C E carved out in my studio. Hung shelves above and created a massive bulletin board.
A messy little squirrel nest made of leaves I admire every morning.

A place to storyboard Legend of You . 
To see it. To feel it (and other-such-dreams) made real. My intuition led me here and I'm loving it.

Revisited and created  

Midweek: pushed past resistance and showed up to yoga class. Kundalini yoga has been one of the greatest experiences and teachers of my entire life. 

Made the best coconut chicken curry of my life.
Felt the fierceness of  what SHOWING UP can do. Do you know this feeling of pushing past?! Of showing up in the dark? Roooooar! (it moves mountains)

Some video stills: Week 3: Legend of You / Getting Grounded.

More video stills: found the legends of THIS TREE. . . what it had to share. 

Dressed in blues and silvers under the NEW MOON!

Kissed stoic lions.  
Ended it all with SILLY SUNDAY. Played dress up.

This week was all about resistance and moving forward. Onward and through. FULL STEAM AHEAD. 

With my whole heart. 

I send you love and all green lights. Wayne Dyer



  1. Oh my sweet Carissa. You just made my day lighter and sweeter and you don't even know me, but i've been followin your blog for quite awhile and when you just shared ACOA my heart broke open, split so wide are right about how long that road challenging it can make your life and more importantly how that affects your soul and spirit. I'm so in your corner and roaring big and loud that you stepped up to share it. YES a big, booming resounding YES and I intend to jump into the Legend of You when you fling open those excited you have no idea sweet, sweet woman.

    1. Susie, deep and resounding YES's and LOVE to you... Thank you. I am quite literally in tears... Blissful. Wide open. Rolling Gratitude. A mantra I have practiced in yoga before with a partner: "I see you, do you see me. I know you, do you know me." ((Thank you))

  2. your full heart is fierce + beautiful.
    bring it on, babe!
    (LOVE your new agenda!! inspiring!)

  3. Beauty and beautiful. That is how I see you. That is how you glow in my world.

    LOVE you Carissa Paige Intuitive Voyager YOU!!

    1. Thank you dearest LIGHT-HOUSE Connie...Love YOU and your GLOWING FOOTPRINTS here, there, everywhere!

  4. You make me SMILE. I love your hair! I'm looking forward to more Aftermath. I am an ACOA - both parents, and husband.

    1. Trece, so happy to make you SMILE... (~.~) I see and feel your power-fullness <3

  5. Wow Carissa I always treasure your true voice that your hare so openly and with such love. I can't wait for your class it will be a real loving and creative experience I'm sure.

    1. Sweet Kelly, your presence is so sweet & serene.... Thank you for your kindness... <3

  6. you're adorable....and I love your heart:)

  7. love to you, shiner of light + beauty, you are!

    1. Bouncing love right back to you Miss Blossom <3

  8. chills of happiness and heart-ness. love this so. i'm also an acoa and i've been learning a lot about that/myself lately and i love to hear the stories of others on the same path. big love to you, xo!

  9. Nice projects! Your photos made me smile! Lovely hair colour!

  10. I loved getting to see your beautiful studio in person! You are such a joy to be around and you make me smile. Thanks for our blooming friendship and all the inspiration and encouragement you are to me. :)

  11. omg... you are so freakin' inspiring!! LOVE the artwork so much, and your carefree spirit. Beautiful work Carissa. xox


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