Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Feast Of Plates

All available in my shop!

Hello Dearest, I've been ghostly around the internets lately. My vacation to Savannah was truly amazing & life changing. I have much to share! I hate to dash off, but I will get back in here soon and update you on all the goodness. Hope your winter is easing up and the snow is beginning to melt away. As for here, it's already turning into bathing suit weather. People are out in their driveways washing their cars in bikinis! Thats Florida for ya. 

I made these plates last week & really do love them. I'm working on getting them all hung together in a happy little bunch. I put a handful in my shop --> right here.

Warm Hugs & Beachy Love, 


  1. i love love love your plates!

    wishing it was bikini weather here. if i look out the window and look at the sky, it almost could be! but then my gaze slides down to the ground where inches and inches of snow still lie... it's going to be a long wait for me.

  2. dang...i have two favs. which one which one.
    i love them girlie.

  3. my heart is feasting on your plates.
    i love them like crazy.
    all food is tastier when eaten off these.
    yesyesyes!!! xoxox

  4. Ooooh they are cool! Love them all so much but especially the one with words. ♥

  5. How clever are you to put your girls on plates. Love them!!

  6. What a nice way to recycle dishes! You are so clever. I just found your blog through Rachel Awes. She posted your page on Facebook.

  7. Love these! Have a wonderful weekend. ~Theresa

  8. i adore these plates -- and you! will the upcycled vintage dresses be next?

  9. Such a great contemporary version of the china plate! My grandmothers and my mother are all china painters of which takes very much patience!! Their work is absolutely beautiful but I really long to see more contemporary work than the traditional rose or fruit on the plate. Good idea and good work!!

  10. Your plates are so great Carissa! People LOVE them! You are branching out and growing and flying :) Sending much love your way...

  11. Carissa, I LOVE LOVE these plates! They're super beautiful :)


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