Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Studio Views and Juicy New Stuff in the works

 Hello Friends, I'm back w/ a little update from the Studio! It's chilly here this morning and I'm all bundled up w/ festive socks and comfy jammies. I'm having some tea and pondering breakfast as I type this. Hmmmm.... Before I get side tracked I wanted to show you some paintings in the works!

All these are in the works or almost done...The very first painting above (a background in the works) is actually a canvas w/ a custom frame built around it. I found it at The Magical Thrift! Originally it had a plain cream colored background w/ a bluebird sitting on a branch. I gesso'd over everything w/ my bare hands (oh how good this feels!) and was going to somehow incorporate the remaining bits of the bird after it dried. I decided to cover it all up using this muslin fabric I had screenprinted some of my writings onto, along w/ bits of fabric and pages from a French Dictionary (all from The Magical Thrift!) I smooshed on paint w/ my hands some more. . . Here's a closer shot:
I'm working on it slowly trying to figure out whats there.Theres more pink/fuscia than I planned because my previously constipated tube of paint became suddenly regular again and gooshed out all over the place!

Lovely people have asked to see more of my creative space, so I promise to share views more often (with better lighting!) It's mostly just a disaster ;) I'm getting ready for my first ever show on December 11th and working on my display. I cut these old closet doors I found at (you guessed it) The Magical Thrift, in half and added some hinges. I had some snafus but I'm really happy w/ how it's coming along! I'll share before and after pics along w/ a rough tutorial of this little DIY project! I'm in the middle of painting it white right now. 

Well I'm off to figure out breakfast! Hope your week is going well!

Love + Light, 


    You keep on going girl!
    Just love KOKO so much...looks like I'll be making another purchase!
    Love you dear one.

  2. your socks rock & bring back
    awesome memories!
    i love your canvas finds/creations...
    love the layers & bumpiness...
    you go, fairy, use your very life
    & paint it for the world to seeeeeeeeeee.
    i will be here to continue loooooooving it & ewe!

  3. Wow you have alot started. I love seeing them all. They all look so beautiful,even the backgrounds.

  4. thanks you guys, i'm so happy you looove. my inspiration is doubled now! i love being able to share & connect via blogland (or better yet, in real life!) <3

  5. Lovely colors, textures and juicy art! Yes, I am loving these! Happy creative week to you. ~Theresa

  6. oh carissa i love your studio! it is full of light, just like you! xo

  7. Oooo, love seeing so much goodness here. Your new stuff is looking amazing! I too love the feeling of gesso squishing through my fingers. My studio is pretty much a disaster too, but I love it. I think I'm gonna have to get a print of your sweet koko, it really reminds me of my sweet kitty. He still hasn't come home. :(
    Wishing you a happy weekend!

  8. So STUNNING! The paintings not the socks ... though you are totally ROCKING the socks too. Please, please share more of your work space. It looks fairy-tale like x

  9. thank you all for the lovely feedback!!

    betty, its IS like a fairy-tale... my own little world in there! as soon as the madness of the next month or so is over (and i have a chance to sweep up!) i will share share share :)


  10. I just stopped by to say Welcome to #reverb10, and what treasures I was treated to. Love the studio, the socks, the paintings, and look forward to more!

  11. Oh THE SOCKS!!! Makes me want to squeeze you silly. I am loving all the textures going on. Your girls are divine. And so many! You really are rocking on!


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