Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend UPdate

Hello Dear Souls, I just wanted to say hello (hi!) and share a few quick pics from my travels over the past few days. I had every intention of getting a lot of housework and creative biz work done this weekend, but something told me I just needed to get out a play. The weather was just too nice (in the mid 70's!) to turn my back on, and the beach has been so cleansing to me. Salty goodness, old cars, motorcycles, music (I saw The Flaming Lips on Thursday!!!!!!!!) children laughing and whooshing about, my polaroid camera, driving around wasting film, waving at strangers, under tree tops, over bridges, a little grocery shopping, beer sampling, laughing, crying (of joy and realization) and A LOT of laundry!!!!!

I have quite a few new paintings in the works. Stuff I'm really happy w/ and many things in my head + heart just waiting to burst out. I plan to kick it in high gear and get a lot of stuff listed in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!! I also plan to reconvene w/ my CAMERAS and make it up to them for not using them as often lately. I miss using my cameras more often in my art!!!!! (Lots of exclamation today!!!!!)

Hope you have a lovely week!
With Love,


  1. sounds simply perfect my dear...JUST LIKE YOU!
    so sad i will be missing your hugs next weekend.

  2. Well it sounds like you had a perfect time! I am a little envious of everything but the laundry!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend except for the laundry. Love all the pictures.

  4. Loving all the exclamation in your post!!!
    Great photos... I can't wait to see the paintings you have in the works :)

  5. I can hardly wait to see your new work!
    and I LOVED my package by the way...couldn't have come at a better time...really, really needed that.
    lots of love,

  6. love the old car with the grr-rrr plate.
    glad you got out there to enjoy it all! :)


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