Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Photo explorations: Old Gymnasium in Sarasota, FL
I've really missed blogland over the past couple of weeks! I had a bit of technical trouble + found myself pretty thrown off by it. Truth be told there were a few days where I wallowed in my own self pity instead of looking for solutions. My own little thoughts twisted me into a pretzel. And would you believe I almost forgot the most important thing of all = I'm a "Beautiful, Bold, Brave, Bodacious Babe!" Here I painted this mantra on my bedroom wall where I see it every morning as a reminder and still forgot! Well, after much toe tapping I'm happy to say I've put together some solutions. I'm all-up-on the lo fi train over here! I'll share a pic when it's all said-and-done. I want to be living proof that you don't need a bunch of fancy equipment to begin manifesting your dreams. You can shine your light in creative ways. You can take whatever you have on hand and make magic. I believe a little (or a lot) of your heart and soul goes a helluva long way! The rest will sort itself out.

Tonight I'm doing a free teleconference call with Christine Kane and I'm thrilled! I'll just be getting out of work so I'm gonna park my car under the big giant moon + listen with my whole heart.

Theres so many more exciting things I want to share soon. I'm amazed at all the signs I've encountered and the abundance of the universe. Just this past weekend I had a playdate with my new local friend Ashley Inzer. She's a super talented, down to earth, amazing creative soul with so much beauty to share. We met through Flying Lessons! We had a great play day - we ate at Austin Coffee, walked around Park Ave peeking into shops, talked + talked + talked, then ended our day with some painting in her studio! I helped her a little w/ how to paint faces. She did an awesome job! Hers is there on the right + mine on the left. I used her own hand carved stamp on mine (the circles in the hair!) These little sisters are together at her house. I swear they're alive + chat w/ each other when no one else is looking! I wonder what they have to say?!

Sending so much love + creative light to all!



  1. It does my heart and soul good to know that someone else in on the lo-fi train. I'm on much the same journey. No need for more "stuff" to manifest your dream. Do with what you have! You are bodacious, brave, bold, and beautiful, Babe! :)

  2. how fun to create with a new friend! what a great day!

  3. hello, gorgeous! so glad that you have magical things happening, girl!

  4. carissa! oh my heavens, i adore ashley too!!!
    what a great winged gift that you got to meet her & she you!!! & i love your art & love it together! how sweet is that?! i totally believe they chat w/each other! what a great realization! i love your "b" words...the other i'd add to it for you is "beloved". i'd add an exponential number to the word of beloved but i don't know how to do it on my it doesn't start w/"b"...maybe i'll use my own language then....for carissa...
    "beloved bexponentially". xox

  5. Lovely paintings! How nice you did those together :-)

  6. Thank u all for all of your sweetness! Heather, oh no you're so NOT alone! *toot toot* Mystele, I was just thinkin about u! Rachel, lol, I love this new word! You never cease to amaze me!

    I have so much bloggy blog goodness to catch up w/ online!


  7. Sounds like you had a fun time with your friend,I love the girls you and her painted.

  8. Oh I LOVE your mantra! It is fabulous for busting up a pity party. You live near Ashley I- I know her from blogland. How awesome.


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