Friday, June 11, 2010

The View Today

Just thought I'd add some glimpses. The studio is such a mess, but certain areas are clean! Those buttons second down on the right came from my Grandma. I'm working on a canvas, a couple of ATC's in the works, and spray painting that owl on the bottom right. A bunch of little stuff :)



  1. so happy you used that ever so sweet tape to keep those photos from falling off my screen...good job...i tried but had NO idea how to do proud of you miss carissa paige.
    also...maybe you could send me a little email about how you did the picture collage here? and please don.t tell me photoshop. just don.t. if you DID use it...just lie to me and say it was something else.
    what are you sewing in that little butterfly photo? those cards next to it?
    grandma.s buttons! ahhhh! deep sigh!
    i LOVE all things old but buttons just really do the trick.
    especially when they are from someone you LOVE!
    can.t wait to see what you do with them.
    how is the flying coming? i think i am back at flying altitude...
    i am hoping to paint today.
    just love ya oh so much.
    (and also love the turquoise owl...i think everyone should wear a bit of turquoise each day...)

  2. This is called a yummy mess! My favorite kind.

  3. carissa! love your collection of EVERYTHING.
    i'm with chrissy/i LOVE buttons! they remind me a bit of agates & marbles/both collections i've held precious since childhood. i SO want to play with you! lots of love to you always from across the states! xoxox

  4. Ooh this looks like so much fun! Play Carissa! and bring more beauty into the world. Also, keep on bringing more pics from around your studio space. just love to see the environment that brings each artist their inspiration. its little windows into your soul :) have a lovely saturday.

  5. love these images!!!
    love hearing what you have been up too!
    really love the sweet turquoise owls....i have a thing for owls!!!

    i agree with C....the photo collage with the tape looks so great!!!! i am clueless with how to do those things!!!!

    hope you are having a beautiful saturday
    as i sit and sip my coffee and leave you loves!!


  6. So pretty missy!

    I want to see close ups of the ATC's!!! :D

    Happy Weekend!


  7. Jennifer ValentineJune 19, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    I love seeing glimpses of your space! and I adore the tie dyed slip collage idea....I think I like little is the details that make it more interesting than the whole picture at once.

  8. This collage looks so fun and inspiring! :)


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