Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paper Dolls Bestowing Goodness

Hello friends and dreamers, I'm so excited to show you my latest creation! As you know I've been taking Dream Boogie with SARK where my focus has been to truly, deeply find LOVE for myself. I've tried everything else and found that without self-love your entire world collapses. It may not literally collapse, but it will never be as expansive as it COULD BE if you loved yourself (no matter what.) I mentioned in my last post how I've been experiencing the dirt rising up from my seeds. Oh yes! Heavy dirt. Dirt very skilled and well trained in muddying up vision. I've been walking around for a good week or two with this sludge dragging along behind me. Then yesterday as I was sitting here writing it out, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the TV far across the room. I truly SAW MYSELF in this moment as a reflection of my past. I saw this little girl who carried around journals and propped her head up all the time as she beared through life. And then I saw me, the adult, propping up my head writing in my journal. Yet again I'm realizing that I'm replaying patterns, and repeating some of the things my mother put me through. It's simple, yet so complex. Trust that I'm not trying to whine, or complain about my upbringing. I can truthfully say I have no regrets regarding the trials and tribulations of my youth. I'm actually grateful. Namely because I love what it showed me. I love what I've learned. I love how I'm able to see and feel so deeply, and help others too. I'm just so ready to start harnessing that energy instead of using it so often to sabotage myself!

Aside from all this soul searching, part of my DREAM has been for my illustrations to do their work by, "going out into the world with magical capes bestowing goodness and peace..." I've been focusing so much on "self-love" that I put my illustrations aside for a bit, until I met Kathryn aka Collage Diva aka TrueNorthArts. She posted on the dream boogie forum sharing a link to her blog and her "Guardian Doll" swap. She left it open to interpretation. I used it as the opportunity to 1. Use my new PO BOX! 2. Participate in a swap (finally!) And 3. Flex my creative muscles. After I made this doll, I felt a sense of relief. I actually danced around the house in the most ridiculous way. I'm so eager to make a small army of these, because nothing defeats the infiltrators of our minds like an entire army. Yeah! Take that. This doll has a sewed on pocket near her heart. Here's what she has to say:
  • Reveal Your Strengths
  • Silent Angels Always Listen
  • Travel Farther, Deeper into Your Potential
  • be BIG
  • Sit Down, Shut Up, and Get Messy (Making Anything)
  • No more box!
I took these messages from bits of my journals and just whatever popped into my head.

projector + plug + girl = my electric heart

I leave you with an excerpt from my journal yesterday:

"You have a navigational system, internally, and it's always on. You are safe in the arms of your own experience, wherever that takes you. . ."

And I just found this from my journal the day before:

"I come in search for answers, for a deeper reflection into who I am. . . "

I didn't recall asking that question on Sunday, but on Monday I got my answer (literally from my own reflection!) I promise you (if you didn't already know) answers of all forms will appear if you just ask. Sometimes I think invisible hands are writing for me, telling me things I need to hear. If only I could ALWAYS remember the beautiful messages, and not get lost in shadows, but then again who would I be without the shadows?. . .

OH! I almost forgot! I've been featured on the blog of Lezli Goodwin: right here. Lezli is a beautiful creative soul who is already bestowing good in the form of what she calls "Spunky Spirtuality." Love it. Love her! What she wrote about me was SO nice...

Until next time. Thank you my friends for listening, supporting, sharing, and believing in me. I truly, madly, deeply appreciate it ;-) I couldn't be more thankful.


  1. Super cute paper doll and Kathryn is very inspiring indeed! I agree it's so important to love else can we live a full happy life without oh my! I think it takes a lot of self-discovery to get there for sure. I love your electric heart projection too...very cool!

  2. oh my heavens, i ADORE your paper doll.
    i really do love her so much.
    i've always adored your blog banner &
    wished to see more of your creations of
    these figures, & here they come/the best
    kind of army ever! love your projection,
    love every single word.
    bigness IS coming from you.
    i'm pulling all my goodies over with me...
    a cozy blanket, chocolate to share, slippers with flowers on them, a knitting bag &
    i'm sitting in the front row...
    can't wait to see all that is coming
    & savoring all that already is, dear friend.

  3. carissa paige!!!!
    your dolly is WONDERFUL!
    i was very touched by your previous post as well and wanted to take some time to really think about what it was i wanted to say about it and also take a minute to reflect about myself...
    but i haven.t been able to do that very well.
    i love that you are showing so much adoration and love for beautiful you.
    it encourages me and lifts me and inspires me to do the same. is NOT one of my best qualities.
    i find it is sooooo much easier for me to love others.
    your words DO matter carissa.
    i am thankful for your friendship and your inspiration.
    keep going.
    i am sailing content and happy as i watch this amazing journey that you are on...
    i, with dearest rachel above, am snuggling in and sharing her chocolate as we wait and watch.
    huge hugs sweet soul.

  4. thank you all, so very much!
    you make me COZY and WARM in my heart!

    oh rachel, love those goodies, mmm, please pass the chocolates :) you're the sweetest.

    chrissy, i completely relate to loving others vs self-love. what a voyage. oh but we'll get there, to that island of self-love-bliss, i know it!!!

    HUGE boomerang hugs to you all!

  5. My dear Carissa, Your doll is so well crafted, beautifully designed - the person who will received this doll will be so very lucky. I feel so lucky that I will get to meet her in person and I know sad to see her go. I will send her with so much love and I know she will find a home that will treasure her. Your insights are brilliant and it warms my heart to see your healing process. Isn't it neat how we take a break to play and yet it reveals more of our journey? I can't wait to see your army and to watch you put them out into the world. The electric heart is fabulous. Keep creating!

    {{soul hugs}}

  6. Carissa, You have a deep sense of who you are. I can tell from your writing. Just believe in it and follow that intuition! You are a wise soul!!!

    Lots of love and hugs,

  7. Hey Carissa....I haven't been blogging for a while....but here I am reading your last post.....and you know....I love to hear your thoughts and your heart.....good or bad.......authentic feelings you are working through....I get it too!! Just to tell you... you are awesome!! And I LOVE, LOVE your doll and all your other art! Bravo!....Yahoo!....and Praise! heartfelt BLESSINGS TO YOU THIS are growing!!! I'm 63 and still you ever stop?....I hope not! Love you!....a neat Christian friend used to tell me...."When the devil continues to remind you of your just remind him of his future....because he doesn't have one!!!" It worked for me!! I have eternal life and he has eternal ...."other"!

  8. Your doll is wonderful and so expressive. Isn't it wonderful how Kathryn of True North Arts brings people together? Enjoyed finding your blog and reading about your journey. Art is truly a way to find oneself and grow.

  9. What a beautiful doll!!! I LOVE her!!

  10. Hi Carissa! Your post is beautiful. Thanks for being so open. I know what you're saying - you should love yourself first, believe in yourself first before you can expect others to believe in you. Do that and everything else will come into place. Love your doll too - I can see how it reflects what you're saying.

  11. I am the PROUD owner of this paper doll!! She flew my way from your heart to mine...with msessages that are inspiring ... She is hanging directly in front of me as I type this note to you....and I can reach in her pocket and grab a message as the need arises...
    Thank you so much...for opening your heart!
    Artfully Yours,


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