Thursday, March 4, 2010

This too shall pass..

"All the thoughts came rushing past like water. None of them stuck."
"Life isn't really about fame and fortune or obtaining a sense of beauty formed through popular opinion. Stop! Go with your own whims. And when you find that thing that makes you breathless hold on tight and never let go (unless you want to.)" -Me"This too shall pass."

"I’ve seen many troubles in my time,
only half of which ever came true." Mark Twain

Thursday, March 4. 2010

I've been couching it all day with a cold. I always get paranoid and think I could be dying because this symptom is like that symptom which is a sign of this disease and I don't really know my family history so maybe I could suffer from that missing element which compounds this thing and there-you-have-it. Surely I have XYZ! It's a silly thing that usually passes, but the mind is rapid making these connections. Oh paranoia, old friend, shame on you for visiting me while I'm in this frail state. It feels better to acknowledge and even offer him some tea. Oh look, now he's gone. My theory is bad thoughts cling to those who resist. Let them pass through like water. If they insist on staying, put on your goggles and ride the waves. If Mr. Paranoia is still there 2 1/2 days later, or if you've begun wearing a tin-foil hat, please seek medical assistance. Just kidding. Doctors have never worked for me. Make some art about it! Helloooo Nurse.

Moving on! Lately I've been working with only 2 or less materials in an attempt to honor the word LESS in all aspects of my life. Less less less. I don't know how long I can keep this routine going but I like it. I'm too lazy at the moment to share all of my "less" inspired creations.

I'm still running test prints which feels like it's taking forever. I found a better method by using the office store to do preliminary prints and then the super-fancy-pro lab for the finished product. I'm still creating new things, and filled with ideas that are constantly brewing in my head, gotta get these things out.


  1. oh, carissa! this is one cool post! love the art and words...less. yes.

  2. are soooo funny. you make me laugh. i love that i can see your humor in your writing.
    i also love the green print above...
    "and when you find that thing that makes you breathless, hold on tight and never let go (unless you want to)"
    brilliant girlfriend.
    loves to you today.
    hoping your cold has given up on it.s visit.

  3. Wonderful work Carissa!
    Sometimes it's a good thing the words don't stick. Sometimes we need them to stick!

    I noticed your books to read, it reminded me I have the Art Therapy book - I need to pull it out. How did you like it???

    Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  4. mystele, thank you, you always inspire me :)
    chrissy, i'm glad to bring you laughs. the cold is easing, hopefully by day 4 i'll be in the clear!
    mary, thank you :) i just got that book in from the library so i'm looking at it now. i'll let you know how i like it!

  5. Oh lady! These are so stellar!!!!!! You are so inspiring!

  6. Such beautiful art,and I love the words too.Hope you feel better soon!

  7. thanks cherry <3
    thanks buffy, my cold has left the building!


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