Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear, I have something to tell you...

I've been sneaking away to cheap motels with expensive coffee, and

I've been having a love affair.

He's so good to me, you see. We go for long walks and drives and hunt for treasure. We capture moments that often go unnoticed. We tell tales of glimmer from life's recreation. We laugh, we cry, we take pictures.

Just kidding dear, it's only my camera.

I have an ever growing collection of old film cameras. When I was first learning to draw my camera collection was a great source for cube like objects to practice with. Before I "thought" I had the ability (or permission) to draw, I used photography as my medium. I'm quickly picking up the photo habit again after a stint of just painting and drawing so much this past year. I love them both you see :)


  1. <3 LOVE it! :D Those pencils are so swell!

  2. I think both of these go hand and hand--art and photography

  3. OK Carissa, answer these questions:
    1.Does your "significant other" have a special place in your heart?
    2. Do you know where it is at all times?
    3. Is it priceless? If you answered yes to all these questions, you are having a love affair- with your cameras:)

  4. hi legendswife, in answer:
    1. yes, it does!
    2. i do! we're practically married ;)
    3. it is! although shamefully i did sell two of my really old kodaks last year. i felt like i needed to downsize my lot but i miss them dearly!

    thanks for the humorous reply!

  5. i came across your blog and thought that maybe we were seeing the same man!
    but then i ran downstairs and there he was.
    on the counter where i left him an hour earlier after a "hot" date we had with some good lookin pancakes covered in syrup.
    it IS nation pancake day today for goodness sakes.
    love your blog
    (and your art)
    i.m now a follower....

  6. chrissy, you have a faithful camera no doubt!
    i had some pancakes too (ihop!) cheers to national pancake day.

    thank so much for the l o v e and follow!!!

    b i g love.


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